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web_service400pAt Grampians Tyre Service you can be assured we offer the best service, advice and products to suit your individual driving needs.  We have a large range of services including rotations, balancing and wheel alignments to ensure you are maximising the life of your tyres, ON FARM SERVICE, puncture repairs, free battery testing and free tyre safety checks.

As an added bonus, when you purchase tyres from us you'll receive a FREE rotation and balance every 10,000kms.

Best Advice: Our experts can advise you on the tyre that best suits the driving you do and show you how to make your tyres last longer.

Best Products: Grampians Tyre Service stock a large product range of the best brands. From 4WD tyres to performance tyres, from mowers to earthmovers you'll find the right tyre for your vehicle.

Best Service: Our service is fast, friendly and reliable and you can be confident we are looking after you and your safe travelling.



Wheel Rotation: As tyres tend to wear quicker on the front of vehicles, it is best to rotate the tyres from front to back to ensure even wear across all four tyres.



Wheel Balance: Vibration throughout the vehicle is often caused by tyres and wheels being out of balance.  While rotating tyres, it is a good time to have them balanced to prevent vibration and continue optimum performance.

Wheel Alignment: Normal wear and tear from our roads can cause the alignment of your wheels to change, e.g. hitting pot holes etc. and increase tyre wear.   Regular wheel alignments can save money in the long run through increased tyre life.

Purchase new tyres now and receive a FREE rotation and balance every 10,000kms.

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