tyre tips

Special tips to maximise the performance and wear of your tyres:

a) Check air pressure of tyres regularly.   Take an extra five minutes to check them once a month while filling up at the service station.  Or preferably check you pressures while the tyres are cold, by purchasing your own good quality pressure gauge.  Don’t forget to re-fit valve caps and to check your spare!

b) Incorrect pressures can cause irregular tyre wear.   Generally, low inflation will see both shoulders of the tread start to wear faster than the centre.  With over-inflation the reverse happens.  Be sure to look out for this as it may not only effect tyre wear but also hamper your vehicle's performance.

c) Make sure pressures are in line with that shown on the vehicle tyre placard or owners handbook.  Follow any further instructions that may be shown in regard to changing of normal road conditions, e.g. heavy loads or off-road applications.

d) Rotate tyres every 10,000kms.  At the same time have your tyres re-balanced and the wheels re-aligned.  With all three areas checked you have the best chance of optimum tyre performance and treadwear.

e) Don't be harsh on your tyres.  When driving, accelerate smoothly and try to avoid hard cornering and braking.

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